Uplands Manor Primary School Website

Uplands Manor Primary school website home page

Recently I’ve complete creating and building a fully responsive school website for Uplands Manor Primary School. As well as recreating the website and sprucing up the content, the school wanted the site to be able to cope with the thirty five languages which their pupils and parents/carers speak.

So now the website can viewed easily on movie devices and information is easy to translate into a multitude of languages!

Stories from the Web

In a previous job I worked for a number of years as as website developer on Stories from the Web, a children’s reading and development website. This website was primarily aimed as a subscription based website for UK based Library authorities. The idea was to encourage children’s reading and get them actively involved in writing their own stories and poems online using our fun and engaging website.

My main role involved me creating and programming a range of fun and interesting Adobe Flash games and website pages, as well as creating specific database driven pages to manage over 150,000 pieces of submitted creative work sent in by young people aged 4-17. We also created a Stories from Web schools website which I was instrumental in helping put together. Here’s a demo of the schools website as was, in action. (Please note this website is no longer available, but it serves to show the range of skills I have!)