Trampolining Treats!

With the huge success of Team GB at both the August Rio Olympics and now during the Paralympics I thought of a brilliant way to capitalise on these amazing achievements, so I approached my daughter’s trampoline club about giving them more prominence, with the suggestion of creating a promotional video for their club. John, Airborne’s club coach, was immediately impressed with the idea and commissioned me almost instantly, so now their promo video has become a reality.

I created it using a software combination of Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Adobe’s Animate CC, After Effects and Audition to give the video that something extra factor. I want viewers, carers and parents to be wowed by what they see and get their children and young people to also join this brilliant club!

A Little After Effects Magic Does Wonders!

I was asked to create another Education promotional video, only this time I wanted to enhance it, so through the power of Adobe’s Video Effects software, After Effects CC, I was able to incorporate a number of info graphic elements into the new promo, such as animated bar charts and messages.

This not only helps to reinforce the specific tutoring messages of the client, but it also does so in a visually appealing and informative way. Hopefully the end result will be the tutor gaining more interest from eager parents wishing to give their child that little extra educational push!

You Can Never Stop Learning!

So I’ve been filming more Genie Tutors centre promotional videos (see below for examples) and it’s given me an opportunity to play with sound, video masks and content. They say you’re never too old to learn and this is what I’ve been doing while filming, editing and creating these videos, learning!

The challenges have involved dealing with echoey halls, filming in rooms with mirrors at one end, damping, or even squashing deafening noise levels in the background, a nightmare to control, removing unwanted signs behind the subject being filmed and going through editing hiccups and hurdles, which eventually have turned into editing result! And of course when your subject moves the keyframes involved in masking out unwanted content become ever increasing and on several occassions I’ve had to reedit masks to match the subject’s movement and not make the mask become the focus of the specific footage. All good stuff, but equally time consuming at the same time, video editing techniques that I’m gradually honing down to a fine art.

More Genie Tutors Videos

It’s not often you can say you learn something on the job, but whilst filming the young people learning in these centres I found myself relearning Maths and English ideas and problem solving I thought I’d left way behind in the distant past! It’s been fun, both filming and editing these videos, learning new editing and sound engineering techniques along the way. Enjoy!