AniTatoes Unveiled!

AniTatoes is The Business!

AniTatoes started as a hobby (See About Us), but having worked on a children’s reading and development website (Stories from the Web) for a number of years previously, creating database driven pages, Flash and HTML5 content and games I’ve now left that job and set up AniTatoes as a business. I’m in the process of creating more of my own apps, as well as undertaking client work, such as website development, project work and video and animation creation.

You can see a mix of examples of my animations, videos and mobile apps I’ve created on this website. I’ll be posting examples of specific video, website and mobile work undertaken for clients upon completion!

Why AniTatoes?

I arrived at the AniTatoes name after playing around with toy Mr Potato Heads and animating them for my children using stop motion animation techniques. The idea behind the name was to combine two words at the heart of where I started i.e. animating spuds, hence the shortened combination of the words, ‘animation’ and ‘potatoes’, which then became, AniTatoes!

The picture below is a screengrab of a fan based hangman app I created to celebrate fifty years of Doctor Who and so was launched in November 2013 to coincide with all the worldwide celebrations and screenings of, ‘The Day of the Doctor.’ It’s currently had over 60, 000 downloads!

I hope you enjoy playing our apps and watching my stop-motion animated shorts! Feel free to Contact Me for any business enquiries!

Doctor Who Hangman App

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